Tablecloths can be divided into two categories according to their uses: practical and decorative.


According to its use, it can be broadly divided into two categories: practical and decorative.

The practical tablecloth pays attention to its function, the general material is mainly plastic, and the color is relatively simple. As the quality of the dining table is getting higher and higher, many families generally do not use tablecloths. When visitors come, they simply spread a layer of disposable tablecloths and throw them away after use. Although this tablecloth is simple, it is not environmentally friendly.

Therefore, most practical tablecloths are mainly made of PVC, and PVC tablecloths are the most guaranteed of the quality of cotton-backed PVC tablecloths. The bottom layer of this tablecloth is covered with a layer of cotton, which makes it soft and easy to fold, avoiding the hard and brittle shortcomings of traditional PVC tablecloths. Moreover, unlike traditional plastic tablecloths, the color is too single and dull, and the colors and patterns are diverse. It is easy to match with a variety of decoration styles, and is a good choice for soft decoration. This tablecloth is stain resistant, easy to clean and easy to carry. Long service life, not easy to fade or fade. PVC tablecloths have been very popular in European and American countries as early as possible. Due to the hot weather in Japan and Southeast Asian countries, PVC tablecloths have also become popular in these countries in recent years.

In recent years, due to the improvement of domestic living standards and the pursuit of quality of life, cloth tablecloths have been used more and more. Although cloth tablecloths have the disadvantage of being easy to get dirty in terms of practicality, with the emerging people who are keen on western food With the continuous increase, the way people eat is also changing slowly. A cloth tablecloth suitable for personal style has become a part of the life of these people.