How to choose a bathroom shower curtain?


The advantage of a shower curtain is that it has two sides: one side is waterproof, and the other side can add design elements to the bathroom. How to choose a shower curtain is very important. At this time, a suitable and beautiful shower curtain is needed, but what kind of shower curtain is suitable What about? Shower curtains are generally divided into three parts: curtain body, shower curtain rod and hook, and some shower curtains are hung directly from the ceiling, but this is not common.

Shower curtain rod, we often use it in our daily life, we all know that a good shower curtain rod in the bathroom is very necessary, and a good bathing environment is what everyone wants.

Shower curtain rod material selection

First of all, the material of the shower curtain rod must be waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is the first choice. No one wants their shower curtain rod to rust after two days of use. Secondly, according to the actual situation of the bathroom, if the shower area has only two sides Wall, such as your home is installed in the corner of the rain shower, the shower curtain rod can only choose the kind of arc steel pipe to fix it on the wall, choose the curved shower curtain rod, and fix it with screws, which can not only save the bath. Enough space also saves a part of the external space. One disadvantage of this fixed arc steel pipe is that due to uneven force, it is easy to loosen over time. If there are walls on three sides of the shower area, for example, your home has a long bathtub. More importantly: the shower curtain rod can be put on the wall at both ends with an "expansion rod". It is more convenient to use a straight shower curtain rod. You can choose to fix it with screws or use an expansion rod. The expansion rod has an advantage. , can be retracted, the limitations are much smaller, but the stability is not as good as screwed.

What kind of material is the shower curtain?

Polyester is very common, but its hydrophobicity is not very good, and it is generally easy to stick to the body after contact with water. It feels like that kind of polyester sports clothes that stick to the body after sweating. A piece of polyester cloth can be made in a small workshop. PEVA is currently very popular because it is directly molded on the machine and has a good overall feel. Moreover, after adding a mildew inhibitor, it can effectively inhibit the growth of mildew and keep it clean. PVC is more complicated. The price of ordinary PVC shower curtains is very low, the texture is average, and the taste is quite strong. However, the quality is good, but the low halogen PVC will be more expensive than PVEA, and the taste will be much smaller.

Shower curtain size selection

The size of the shower curtain is generally related to the length, width, height and thickness. The width of the shower curtain should be larger than the actual width of the shower curtain.
In addition to the size of the bathroom, the size of the shower curtain also needs to consider the family sentiment. If it is a hut where two couples live, it is recommended to choose a semi-transparent, light-textured shower curtain. The width of the shower curtain size remains unchanged, and the length is 3CM from the ground. Left and right, this can increase some family harmony.

For ordinary small families, the width and height of the shower curtain should be practical. For example, if the width of your bathroom is 1.5M, the width of the shower curtain is recommended to be 1.7M, and the height is recommended to be 1-2CM off the ground, so that the shower curtain can be extended well. It is recommended that the size of the shower curtain should not be too large, so that it is easy to step on and fall, and it is easy to get dirty.

The thickness of the shower curtain should not be too thick. The bathroom is a semi-enclosed space. We need a lot of oxygen, and the water in the bathroom is hot. It is easy to cause hypoxia and dizziness, and the shower curtain that is too thick is not easy to dry, and it is easy to mold and stink. Therefore, the thickness of the shower curtain is 0.1-0.15MM, and the air permeability and waterproofness are relatively good.

Shower curtain matching skills

1. The shower curtain is not a cumbersome pattern, but a silhouette-like black flower shadow, with a lavender flower heart, which can give people a mysterious and romantic feeling.

2. Use bright yellow and purple flowers as the pattern of the shower curtain to make the bathroom look richer and more luxurious.

3. It is best not to exceed three main colors for the shower curtain. Too many colors will cause discomfort to the eyes if you look at them for a long time. There should be appropriate gaps between the pictures, and the curtains should have a large background color to make the eyes look comfortable. The space will also be comfortable.

The combination of shower curtain and space style

1. For the selection of the shower curtain itself and the style of the bathroom, it is best to be simple and elegant. Shower curtains with rich pictures and colors can expand the line of sight and add contextual elements to the bathroom, especially suitable for white or simple bathroom decoration. Shower curtains with simple and plain colors are suitable for bathrooms with many and complex decorative color blocks. Shower curtains with simple colors can balance the space, especially the vertical and striped shower curtains can extend the line of sight and make the complex vision simple. concentrated.

2. The color of towels, curtains and shower curtains in the bathroom should be unified, so as to form a harmonious and comfortable bathroom space.

3. In the bathroom that is already full of white, use a simple white shower curtain to match the fresh and elegant feeling to the extreme, and it is precisely this whiteness that gives people a comfortable and clean feeling.

Maintenance and cleaning of shower curtains

After showering, the shower curtain should be lifted to allow air circulation and prevent mildew. Silica gel can be used to prevent mildew. Just hang a pack of silica gel to absorb moisture. If the stain cannot be removed, you need to buy a new shower curtain. Use a sponge soaked in slightly damp soapy water to scrub water and dust on the door track of the shower room or tub, use an old toothbrush or cotton swab to wash. Shower doors should be cleaned regularly with detergent or a cloth soaked in vinegar water to prevent limescale build-up.

Canvas or cotton curtains are washed with hot soapy water, washed and ironed just like other cotton fabrics. Most shower curtains just need to be sun-dried. Mildew spots are difficult to remove, try washing with light bleach, then dry.

If you are too lazy to brush the shower curtain by hand, you can soak the shower curtain in the washing machine, add eight or four cups of vinegar, and let it sit overnight before handing it to the washing machine for cleaning. This method can not only sterilize and neutralize all the dirt, but also save the trouble of manually brushing the shower curtain.