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Shower curtains as a good alternative to curtains

Shower curtains as a good alternative to curtains

2018/03/07 16:34

Curtains are a great way to change the look and feel of your home. In addition to the beauty, these curtains also allow you to keep your home from squinting with your eyes and keep excessive sunlight from entering the room. However, since actual curtains may be an expensive alternative, one of the things you can try is a shower curtain.Shower curtains come in a variety of fabrics, shapes and designs, and work well, as well as on a normal window, as they will be prepared for the bathroom.

1, measurement. The first step is to find an accurate measurement of the window. Take the length and width of the window. After that, you will need to determine how much extra length and width the curtains should have. Normally, the extra length of 1 to 3 inches will be enough to ensure that the curtain will cover the window completely.but you can also choose to let the curtain fall to the floor.

2, design. Once your measurements are ready, you can start looking for the shower curtain design of your choice, Your shower curtain looks ready to choose a good fabric in the living room or your bedroom. There are many inexpensive shower curtains made from very thin sheets of plastic, but these will surely be seen in the living room or near your bed. Instead, shower curtains made from actual fabrics are used. When looking for a design that ensures the colors, prints and patterns will all match the existing wallpaper.

3, cutting curtains. Once the curtains have been purchased, the next step is to modify the shower curtain. Use a tailor's chalk and draw to make the curtain size from the shower curtain and use scissors to cut it. The three sides of the fold are half an inch and the edges of the seam.

4, combination curtains. Once the shower curtain is programmed, the final step is to slide your curtain rod into the top of the curtain. If your window's curtain holder is a washer or button hole, you can also create small ribbons that are twelve inches long. Make the strip for each buttonhole, and tie the curtains in place. With a little bit of innovation, you can easily refresh the curtains in every room in your home without having to start from scratch and use expensive fabrics.